I do love a good undie run. And when I was booked on the Axe “Undie Run” spot I had a swell time rounding up mascot costumes, custom printing slutty panties and boxer briefs with the “Axe” logo and  generally  going hog wild with a bunch of crazy 20-somethings who had no problem running around all day in their underwear.

Most of the time when you are prepping a commercial, the first thing the producer asks you  (the stylist/costume designer) to do, is pull a bunch of tears not just for the director but for the agency and client. These often get included in the pre-pro (short for pre-production) booklet for discussion to make sure everyone is on the same page.  In the stylist/costume designer’s  case not so much for inspiration, but ultimately as a short cut to saving time and money. Basically, you send them images, and they send you notes. Yes, we like the shorts. No we hate the blazer. Yes we want the tee-shirts, but green only.  Etc, etc.

For Axe, I wanted to show your classic college crosssection. Frat boys, stoners, goths, stoners, and  the odd goth.   Sorority girls. Freaks and geeks. For these kids I went straight to Danielle Levitt and her book “We Are Experienced.”  Here is what I found, and here is the spot.

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