Evelyn Hofer is new to me. I came across her 2004 Steidl publication recently at the Tomas Maier store in Miami, which has a lovely but highly overpriced selection of art and photography tomes. I was immediately drawn to the cover which as you can see  is an offering of 1940’s football players dressed in mud and mauve. It was love at first sight.  After dragging the book  back with me to LA I dug a little deeper, did a little research and fell even more heavily in love. And weirdly and wonderfully the Rose Gallery in Santa Monica had an exhibition of Hofer’s work and I was able to catch the last day before they took the photographs down. They were smaller than I expected, having been so brainwashed by the oversize prints of more recent artists,  These prints were were small and elegant. Vibrant. Concise. Hofer spent a significant part of her career in collaboration with the travel writer VS Pritchett. Many of the images in the Steidl publication were first published in the 1960’s variouss travel books, including “New York Proclaimed” and “London Perceived.” The images I have included here are from these 2  books and the Steidl. I have focused on the mauve, pink and laveneder as it was a reoccuring choice of  which I highly approve………

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